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With version 3.32-19 we managed to overcome several annoying limitations and failures of

  • Java / Processing source code import;
  • Pascal / Delphi source code import.

In addition you will find improvements in the export of certain nested Alternative structures to various programming languages.

And, of course, we got rid of some bugs again. For details, have a look to Release 3.32-18 and Release 3.32-19 on Github.

Have a good (or even better) time with Structorizer!

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This November, we opened a Discussion format for Structorizer on GitHub to allow you (and us) to:
  • ask questions you’re wondering about,
  • share ideas,
  • engage with other community members
in an easy and open-minded way. This way you won't have to open an issue or bug report each time you have some suggestion or proposal. We would really like you to use this opportunity to share your experiences and expectations. Feel welcome to join us, please.
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Good news: With version 3.32-13, the Windows installer for Structorizer has been hardened substantially against environments with several installed Java versions, among which also (unsuited) Java 8 version are lurking. In addition, Structorizer itself now performs a short check on starting and will raise an unambiguous message in case it is run within an outdated Java VM rather than to die silently.
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We proudly present a laud of a user having been working with embedded systems for a long time:
In contrast to other NSD tools, Structorizer manages correctly to join cases imported from C language when they are not separated by a break, a common idiom used in this programming language.
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We are happy to present a real innovation with version 3.32-11 now:

  • When you insert or edit elements you will now benefit from a content assist with context-sensitive auto-complete functionality.
  • You can even configure how many typed characters the assist will wait before suggestions appear as popdown list.
  • By setting the spinner "Suggestion threshold" to 0 you may switch off the assist if you don't need it.
  • See Content Assist in the User Guide for more details.
  • Another good news is that an annoying GUI latency caused by the Arranger Index on large diagrams could be identified and fixed.

    Further information about fixed bugs and little improvements you may find in the Release information or the Changelog.

    Let us know if you like it.

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    Version 3.32-07 comes with some import improvements:
    • *.sbd diagram files from sbide can now be imported.
    • Some defects on hus-Struktogramer import were mended.
    • Correct state update is now ensured after foreign diagram import.
    • On Java/Processing import a preference default was changed to avoid dysfunctional declaration elements.
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    The new comprehensive release 3.32 now came with the long-announced change to require the Java 11 version to run (3.31-04 was the last version satisfied with Java 8).
    This also means that the Java WebStart installation opportunity does not work any longer - not at least directly. You might possibly try to adopt a workaround like the OpenWebStart if you want to adhere to it - JNLP files will continue to be provided from the Structorizer homepage. See the Downloads page for more details.

    The most recent functional improvement is that you may display the Analyser warnings related to an element in a popup now, simply by having the mouse hover over the little red triangle in its corner.

    (Further improvements are still on the To Do list, please stay tuned.)

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    Version 3.31-04 now offers substantially extended export opportunities to LaTeX - in addition to the StrukTeX diagram conversion Structorizer now also produces LaTeX pseudocode translations to four different packages:
    • algorithmicx
    • algorithmic (aka "algorithms")
    • algorithm2e
    • pseudocode
    Enjoy it!
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