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Release 3.30 is ready and brings two major new features:

  1. Instant code preview: Whenever you modify your diagram, you may see the consequences to the generated code in the language of your choice immediately! And on clicking into the code pane the responsible element for the hit line will be selected (and vice versa).
  2. A Javascript generator was added (still just a prototype, but ...).

Then of course several bugs were fixed, some really tricky ones among them. And we dared to drop the deprecated ANSI-C73 parser, the ANSI-C99 parser has done better in any case.

Enjoy it!

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Version 3.29-12 came with some innovations:
  • A true Windows installer for download. It installs Structorizer for either all users or just the current user. It provides an update mechanism with three modes: automatic; requiring user/administrator consent; disabled. (The mode is asked for on installation and can be altered via "Modify".)
  • The possibility of selective preferences export to file. Such a partial ini file may be used to preset the contained options for all users on start, if placed in the installation directory.
  • Several bugfixes (see changelog).
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Version 3.29-07 eventually introduced TRY elements as its major functional enhancement. They allow to model a basic exception handling, providing both catch and finally mechanism, albeit in a somewhat simplistic way. This is still an experimental feature beyond DIN 66261 but reflects capabilities of many modern programming languages. By now, only strings can be thrown and caught in the effect.
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Version 3.29-06 added support for routine diagrams with optional parameters. As in languages like C++ or Python, arguments are made optional by associating them with a default value in the parameter list in the diagram header. See the user guide for details.
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Release 3.29 and its "service pack" 3.29-01 brought a substantial functional upgrade for the Arranger and Arranger Index components:
  • Diagrams may now be organized in named groups.
  • Groups are automatically created when
    • an arrangement file is loaded,
    • an arrangement is saved as file,
    • source code is imported.
  • Outsourced subroutines join automatically all groups their parent diagram belongs to.
  • All other diagrams pushed to Arranger join a default group.
  • Groups can be visualized graphically and may improve the project overview dramatically.
  • Groups may be used for
    • collective operations,
    • completeness and dependency analysis,
    • maintenance of stored arrangements.
  • Users may easily
    • create groups from selection,
    • move or share diagrams among groups,
    • expand groups by referenced diagrams,
    • dissolve groups,
    • geometrically rearrange diagrams by groups.
In addition, many bugs and inconveniences were fixed.
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Version 3.28-08 released with
  1. Several locale updates
  2. Shell scripts corrected (Java tests)
  3. Debian install packages now derived via scripts
  4. Padding of diagram elements now proportional to font size line spacing in multi-line texts reduced
  5. Slight improvements of font chooser dialog and font resizing
  6. Arranger zoom compromised the diagram size (rounding impact)
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While the code itself did not change, I've build a DEB-package for easy installation on a Debian or Ubuntu system. Please take a look at the downloads page ...
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Version 3.28-07 released with
  • Enhancements to the executor output window introducing options what is logged and a menu item to save it directly to file.
  • New Turtleizer procedure clear() - well, just to clear the canvas.
  • Several minor bugfixes according to the changelog (link).
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As you might have realized, the Structorizer homepage switched to https. Unfortunately, this has two somewhat inconvenient side effects:
  • A cached Structorizer WebStart most likely won't work anymore (redirection will fail) - so you will have to launch the WebStart from this homepage again.
  • With a previously downloaded local Structorizer installation the version check won't work anymore, i.e. on starting it you won't get informed that:
Version 3.28-06 is available for download. The new version is prepared to work with the new URLs for version check, user guide etc.
Moreover it incorporates some bugfixes and improvements as described in the Changelog.
In addition, the WebStart version now correctly establishes the file associations for all three Structorizer file types (.nsd, .arr, and .arrz).
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Version 3.28-05 provides a new C parser for code import. In contrast to the recent C import, it implements the full syntax of ANSI-C99. This means that e.g. defined function pointers don't prevent the import of C sources anymore. It does not mean, however, that Structorizer could make something sensible out of them. In theory, the ANSI-C99 parser should be a superset of the former C import, but we decided to keep the old, now deprecated, C parser temporarily in the product - just in case. It was renamed to ANSI-C73 to make clear it's the obsolete one. If you find some deficiency with ANSI-C99 import, you might try with ANSI-C73 for comparison, but please don't forget to report the problem. Further enhancements to be mentioned:
  • A code import progress monitor with the opportunity to abort the import;
  • New buttons / menu items to clear Arranger from all diagrams;
  • Buttons "Yes to all" and "No to all" on serial file save or discard decisions;
  • A configurable import threshold for the number of diagrams, beyond which they are no longer all placed in Arranger but offered for direct file storage in order to avoid massive GUI contention.
  • Workaround for the import of enumeration types from C and Pascal.
  • And, as usual, numerous bugfixes...
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Version 3.28-04 was delivered with an important bugfix that mended a significant slow-down impact on Structorizer navigation due to a defective redrawing mechanism of Arranger. It also includes further bugfixes and improvements concerning the import from C source code. Also see the Changelog page for the list of recent improvements, among them a precaution against a known Java vulnerability against some incompatible directDraw or Direct3D drivers.
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Release 3.28 brought some renovation of the GUI:
  1. Revised, multisize icons,
  2. Improved toolbar usability for element insertion,
  3. Zooming mechanism for Arranger.
It also introduced new configuration opportunity
  1. Individual names for element types possible,
  2. Individual names for Turtleizer commands possible,
(Of course many bugs were fixed, too.)
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